Photographers offer the web version of the child's school photo

free for parents to use if needed in an emergency.

Click and Safe uses the same password protected photo your school photographer wants you to buy online. The web-resolution photo is made freely available to parents for printing or download if needed in case of an emergency. It's just that simple. Photographers have discovered that offering free access to their school photos in this manner fosters goodwill and improves child safety.

Click and Safe is offered to Photographers and their clients free of charge. It is intended to help parents quickly access their child's school photo via the Internet if needed in an emergency.

The Facts: The electronic delivery to law enforcement officials of a child's digitized photo can save crucial time, since the chances of safely recovering a child are much greater in the first few hours immediately following a child's disappearance.

With Click and Safe local school photographers can join the effort to use the Internet for a common good.



Click-and-Safe enables a partnership between parents, the school photographer, and law enforcement officials to help secure kids. Parents simply use the same private online password they use for photo purchasing as a key to quickly getting a photo of their child in the hands of law enforcement officials if needed in an emergency.

When a child is missing, every second matters. Click-and-Safe enables the parent to quickly make a recent photo of the child available to a wide audience almost immediately.

Click-and-Safe neither records nor posts personal information about the child online. We simply store a password protected "web-photo" authorities may download if needed.

Ask if your school photographer is a part
of the Click-and-Safe program today. If you are a photographer, ask about becoming a part of this unique program.